Production Team

Arjen van Eijk

Arjen sailed around the world between 2008 and 2010. A project called The Green Miles, collaborating with (among others) WWF, The Red Cross and Sea Shepherd, brought him to unique and remote places around the globe.
The project resulted in an 8-part documentary series broadcasted on national television. During the production of his travel documentary he (re)discovered     his love for filmmaking. And started a production company called Xinix Films.
Xinix Films is now a collective based production company that translates relevant stories into film, and believes that a passion for storytelling forms the ultimate base for high-end video production. And ultimately the base for a real change of mindset. Beautiful things are made by people with a love for their trade. A passionate team of producers, directors, creatives, cameramen, editors and designers, work on anything that makes their hearts tick. This can be done in the form of online content, television, documentaries or corporate communication.

Aart Jan van Dijk

Aart Jan grew up in the Carribean as a young kid, where the ocean was a significant part of life. This is where his interest for (marine) animals started. He never lost his curiosity about all the fantastic creatures that hide in the deep, roam in the forests or circle the sky. One his travels around the globe he has always been intrigued by local species and populations. He loves stories about all the phenomenal creatures we share this planet with and believes in the enormous power of good stories and images to create a behavioural change.  Aart Jan lives in New Zealand  where he works on nature and sustainability film and video concepts to help create this change

Marco Verhagen

As a young explorer Marco has travelled to most corners of the planet, where a seed was planted 
for what was to become his passion in life. Itchy feet told Marco not to stay in one place to long and lead him to all sorts of adventurous playgrounds around the world. Here he started his career as a cameraman to capture the beauty of wildlife in Africa, the marine life in Australia and the adventures in the snowy mountains of the Alps. His skills as a cameraman, director and creative editor turned into his company Adventurefilming. His passion as a filmmaker is not only to show the beauty of all life, but also show the impact of humans on our environment. It is his mission to inspire people to help restore the balance on our home planet.

Janette Worm

Strategic Sustainability & Research Developer. Janette Worm is an Advisor in Marine and Coastal Zone Development within the Dutch Ministry of Water management.
Next to that she works as an advisor for several parties such as WWF, UNDP and UNEP. Janette helps the Giants production team as an advisor